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Official Tripawd! (but still tiny)

I have been a little slow with posting updates on Rocket but all has been going great. We now have the official Tripawd uniform and couldn’t be more excited! He looks SO fashionable and we are wearing it on any social occasions. Thanks so much for letting us be part of this awesome group!

Some random thoughts on having a tripawd that is not aware there was ever any other way to get along and one that is so tiny:

-He does not have that “awkward” sort of gait that former 4-leggers seem to have. Some of this is because he knows no better and the other part is being small. He can zoom and outrun the bigger dogs and you would never know about his special condition. Being closer to the ground has advantages.

-He is a monkey!. He can climb and jump anywhere and is often like the ball in a pinball machine. This sometimes makes us a little nervous. I’ve noticed when he jumps off thing, his natural instinct is not to use his front leg but lands first with his two hind legs using his front to take the first stride after landing. Shooter could not do this as his natural way of moving was to try and land using his front leg.

-Rehab is easy for him! Ask him to go over cavaletti poles? No problem – straight, sideways, one leg at a time, he even uses a pole for a chair when waiting for a treat. Balance? Again, no problem! I think his size and different way of moving has created natural core strength. We will continue to work his core just to make sure all stays strong.

-He can run as fast backwards as forwards – I haven’t quite figured this one out yet but it’s interesting to see.

We will try to do better with updates – everyone take care!


Getting Strong

Happy 4th of July!

Rocket has been busy just being a puppy. This 3-legger can run and turn faster than the other 3 dogs in the house. He does cheat a little by zooming under the coffee table and running circles around the legs so the bigger dogs can’t reach him. He thinks he’s a pretty funny guy! He can jump up on all the furniture now and, like Tigger, is bouncy, bouncy, bouncy! Rocket run backwards almost as fast as he goes forward – I think it’s a combination of being tiny and a front tripawd.

We have been traveling some and he is our best traveler. Sleeps all the way there and loves staying in the horse trailer.

About a month ago he had his first small session of physical therapy using a yoga block (being little he can use about anything for tools). Yesterday he had a much longer session working on balance and working all those important core muscles. He did stretches up and down and side-to-side and then did figure 8s around his balancing balls. Now we have homework so we can show improvement by his next session – which is a mix of puppy training and PT. Needless to say, he was exhausted!

Life is good for this Tiny Tripawd and says he’ll see you in the next post!!

One busy puppy

Rocket has been very busy this past month. Being a puppy he sometimes plays extremely hard. Unfortunately, when the puppy crash hits and he drops for a nap, his neck and shoulders must tighten up and when he moves it hurts and he wakes up crying. The vet has given us some anti-inflammatory to help on those days it is needed. So far, he has been able to work the kinks out quickly except for a couple of times. We are hoping to be able to start doing some core work soon to try and avoid this happening.

Other than that, he is a normal crazy boy. For some reason, this tiny tripawd has picked his biggest sibling (25 lbs) to be his favorite play pal. To our surprise, even though she is still a puppy herself, she is very careful of him and is always concerned should he squeak for whatever reason. He gets the zoomies and runs circles around her – who needs that extra leg?!

He has experienced his first snow and made tripawd snow prints.

Got his first bath (not too fond of that experience!)

And had his first big trip and stayed in the horse trailer where he found another dog and he wanted that “other dog” our of there. He handled traveling and socializing very well.

His abilities are amazing and can now get up on the couch, climb up and down small stairs and go in and out of the doggy door. Nothing gets in his way. Next week brings the last of his puppy shots and rabies and then on to puppy classes and PT work. Updates will follow!

Sunday is a day of rest (and rest, and more rest)

Rocket is now officially settled in and ruling the roost. He can zoom up and down his ramp to his yard, barks at anyone not paying attention to him and plays and sleeps hard. He is already sleeping through the night.

Yesterday he met Courtney who does dog training and also does doggy rehab. She gave him lots of chewies and has lots of plans to keep him strong and healthy throughout his life. Once he has his last set of shots, he will be attending puppy classes so he can get well socialized.

Rocket says being well rested is very important so (as you can see) he suggests taking lots of long naps.

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