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The Amazing Rocket

I realized I had not updated on Rocket’s condition since his medical emergency. I just want to say that he should wear a red cape and fly because he is my super hero!

He is pretty much back to normal – running, playing and living life at Mach 10. The bitter cold we have experienced this winter has been a challenge because he has become very intolerant to cold (me too!) plus his single front foot freezes and then he just drops to the ground and lays there till he is picked up. Since I work all day this was a giant concern in the event he went outside and couldn’t get back in. Due to this, he has become the office mascot and is our stress therapy. As the weather has warmed a little he has been able to stay home, but everyone here is very sad that he is not here anymore. When he gets tired his head will wobble but, for the most part, he is back to full steam ahead.

The unfortunate side to this diagnosis is that it is progressive and there will come a time that he will struggle either with mobility issues or pain. In the meantime, we will let him enjoy his life and we will enjoy every minute we have with him.

As for the Tripawd part of his life, all is great (except for the the frozen foot stuff). He does not understand why these other dogs have to bother with that extra leg! He uses his chicken wing for balance so we have decided that we will not have it removed unless something unusual comes up that would require that to happen. He is such a happy boy and a joy to have around. Until next time, Rocket says “Live like someone left the gate open!!”. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Rocket”

  1. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to hear the Super Hero Amazing Rocket is living life to the fullest!!!! And yes, we we never saw an additional update we do what we often do around here………think the worst
    I’m over the moon Happy to know the cutest little Tripawd ever is back to full steam ahead!!!
    thank you sooooo much for updating AND for sharing that precious photo.
    And happy St Patrick’s Day right back atcha. Your little green outfit is adorable He is so darn cute!!!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Oh whew! Luanne thank you for letting us know. Sometimes no news really is great news.

    What a trooper he is, and you too! That boy has a hoppy life ahead even with his challenges. Live like someone left the gate open indeed! What a great saying.

    Stay warm over there!

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