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Getting Strong

Happy 4th of July!

Rocket has been busy just being a puppy. This 3-legger can run and turn faster than the other 3 dogs in the house. He does cheat a little by zooming under the coffee table and running circles around the legs so the bigger dogs can’t reach him. He thinks he’s a pretty funny guy! He can jump up on all the furniture now and, like Tigger, is bouncy, bouncy, bouncy! Rocket run backwards almost as fast as he goes forward – I think it’s a combination of being tiny and a front tripawd.

We have been traveling some and he is our best traveler. Sleeps all the way there and loves staying in the horse trailer.

About a month ago he had his first small session of physical therapy using a yoga block (being little he can use about anything for tools). Yesterday he had a much longer session working on balance and working all those important core muscles. He did stretches up and down and side-to-side and then did figure 8s around his balancing balls. Now we have homework so we can show improvement by his next session – which is a mix of puppy training and PT. Needless to say, he was exhausted!

Life is good for this Tiny Tripawd and says he’ll see you in the next post!!

2 thoughts on “Getting Strong”

  1. OH you cute Rocket! Look at you work so hard to get strong. You make me tired just watching!

    Nice to know you are having a blast with the pack. Tell your folks to come out to Oregon in the big ol’ doghouse on wheels, we are out here through summer!

  2. Honest to goodness…..he HAS to be THE cutest dog on the Planet! And add all his tripawd cuteness on top of that and he is veyond words cute!!!!
    Seeing him do his exercises on that yoga ball thing is too adorable! He’s a Olympian Fitness King!!!
    Would love to see a video of him doing zoomies…..hint.
    Always look forward to anything and everything avout Rocket! Shooter sent you a good one😎
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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